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High Performance Hot Melt Adhesives

We work so you don’t have to care about adhesive

Energy Saving up to 30%

With our innovator Hot Melt adhesives, you’ll save energy due to they need less temperature to get their adhesion power.

Savings up to 60%

We advise you to optimize the use of the adhesive and get a more efficient production line.

Highly efficient joints

You will reduce production stops due to adhesion failures. We thoroughly tested our adhesives to be the most reliable on the market.

Get fast and efficient joints, which can increase the speed of your production line. In addition, our glues comply with the legislation of materials for contact with food.

With our adhesives you can seal boxes of wrap-around type at high speed, ideal for the winemaker sector.

You can achieve a fast adhesion applying the glue with your product fresh out of the oven. It adapts to high temperatures without losing adhesion power. Thus, you will avoid the classic problem of detached boxes when they reach your customers.

Get perfect adhesions so the packaging arrives perfectly to the shelves of the supermarket. With our hot melt adhesive, you will achieve a perfect and lasting bond.

Besides being approved for contact with food in a completely harmless way, it presents an excellent behavior in cold, getting the packaging to arrive perfect to the refrigerators of your consumers.

Respectful towards the environment

We do not generate waste

Respectful towards the environment

We do not generate waste

“Se preocupan por ofrecernos entre su amplia gama de productos el que mejor se adapta a nuestras necesidades y nos ofrezca un rendimiento más eficiente ”
John Doe
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