New web site !

Welcome to our new Web site.

The Forest Chemical Group welcomes you to our new Web site. We have developed this new site in our continuous endeavour to improve and with a very clear idea, that of being closer to our clients and collaborators on the Internet too.

The main developments on this Web site are a simpler and clearer design that adapts to all devices for easier browsing and a blog in which we publish news on our company and on the industrial adhesives sector. We also publish technical articles written by our team of chemists as our contribution to materials technology knowledge.
One major development which we’re proud to provide is an on-line shop, making the Forest Chemical Group the first Spanish company to offer its hot melt adhesives on the Internet, maintaining our customised and excellent after-sales service.
The new Web site is complemented with a major presence of our company on the social networks. We invite you to follow us on Twitter and Face book, as well as seeing our offers in LinkedIn.

We hope that this new Web site will be a further tool in our strategy for continuous quality improvement, focusing all our company’s processes towards the client, from research into which products best suit our clients to the moment at which we provide them with our adhesives.

We hope you will find this Web site agreeable and that it will allow us to continue to work together and start new projects.