About us

All joints
are not the same

Just one is the right one.
The one you need. The ideal one.

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The Right

Being specialists in joints means keeping in mind that every joint is different. Based on that idea, at Forest Chemical we work to improve current Hot Melt adhesives. We are sure that among all the possible bonding solutions for you, just one is the right one. The one you need: The Right Bonding.

That is why we are specialists in finding specific solutions developed for you and the projects you have in mind.

Right for
your Company

The best way to prove the effectiveness of the bonding solutions developed for every project is to analyze the specific results obtained in terms of increased productivity, working speed, and energy and product saving.

Develop pioneering solutions that allow us to be at the forefront in the manufacture of hot melt adhesives. Always offering the right bonding.

To be a benchmark entity in the industrial adhesives market. In such a way that when someone thinks of hot melt they automatically think of FOREST CHEMICAL.

  • Respect for the environment.
  • Quality and continuous improvement.
  • R&D+i investment.
  • Trust and commitment.

Improved application, eliminating strands and residues

Optimized versatility regardless of box formats

Use of a single reference throughout the year

Superior performance to standard adhesives.